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Daily Ayat and Hadith - Sat Dec 16, 2017

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Ayat from Surah Al-Fat-h (10)

Surah Al-Fat-h, Ayat 10
Surely those who swear allegiance to you do but swear allegiance to Allah; the hand of Allah is above their hands. Therefore whoever breaks (his faith), he breaks it only to the injury of his own soul, and whoever fulfills what he has covenanted with Allah, He will grant him a mighty reward.
جو لوگ تم سے بیعت کرتے ہیں وہ خدا سے بیعت کرتے ہیں۔ خدا کا ہاتھ ان کے ہاتھوں پر ہے۔ پھر جو عہد کو توڑے تو عہد توڑنے کا نقصان اسی کو ہے۔ اور جو اس بات کو جس کا اس نے خدا سے عہد کیا ہے پورا کرے تو وہ اسے عنقریب اجر عظیم دے گا
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Hadith from Sahih Bukhari, Volume No 3, Hadith No 677, Partnership

Author : Imam Bukhari
Translation : M. Muhsin Khan

677. Narrated Sulaiman bin Abu Muslim
I asked Abu Minhal about money exchange from hand to hand. He said, "I and a partner of mine bought something partly in cash and partly on credit." Al-Bara' bin `Azib passed by us and we asked about it. He replied, "I and my partner Zaid bin Al-Arqam did the same and then went to the Prophet and asked him about it. He said, 'Take what was from hand to hand and leave what was on credit.' "
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