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Daily Ayat and Hadith - Thu Jan 18, 2018

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Ayat from Surah Ta-ha (97)

Surah Ta-ha, Ayat 97
He said: Begone then, surely for you it will be in this life to say, Touch (me) not; and surely there is a threat for you, which shall not be made to fail to you, and look at your god to whose worship you kept (so long); we will certainly burn it, then we will certainly scatter it a (wide) scattering in the sea.
(موسیٰ نے) کہا جا تجھ کو دنیا کی زندگی میں یہ (سزا) ہے کہ کہتا رہے کہ مجھ کو ہاتھ نہ لگانا اور تیرے لئے ایک اور وعدہ ہے (یعنی عذاب کا) جو تجھ سے ٹل نہ سکے گا اور جس معبود (کی پوجا) پر تو (قائم و) معتکف تھا اس کو دیکھ۔ ہم اسے جلادیں گے پھر اس (کی راکھ) کو اُڑا کر دریا میں بکھیر دیں گے
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Author : Imam Bukhari
Translation : M. Muhsin Khan

739. Narrated `Abdullah
(the slave of Asma') During the night of Jam', Asma' got down at Al-Muzdalifa and stood up for (offering) the prayer and offered the prayer for some time and then asked, "O my son! Has the moon set?" I replied in the negative and she again prayed for another period and then asked, "Has the moon set?" I replied, "Yes." So she said that we should set out (for Mina), and we departed and went on till she threw pebbles at the Jamra (Jamrat-Al-`Aqaba) and then she returned to her dwelling place and offered the morning prayer. I asked her, "O you! I think we have come (to Mina) early in the night." She replied, "O my son! Allah's Apostle gave permission to the women to do so."
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