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Daily Ayat and Hadith - Thu Jul 25, 2019

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Ayat from Surah Al-Baqarah (277)

Surah Al-Baqarah, Ayat 277
Surely they who believe and do good deeds and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate they shall have their reward from their Lord, and they shall have no fear, nor shall they grieve.
جو لوگ ایمان لائے اور نیک عمل کرتے اور نماز پڑھتے اور زکوٰة دیتے رہے ان کو ان کے کاموں کا صلہ خدا کے ہاں ملے گا اور (قیامت کے دن) ان کو نہ کچھ خوف ہوا اور نہ وہ غمناک ہوں گے
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Author : Abu Dawood
Translation : Prof. Ahmad Hasan

Narrated Zaynab:

Hurayth ibn al-Abajj as-Sulayhi said: that a woman of Banu Asad: One day I was with Zaynab, the wife of the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him), and we were dyeing her clothes with red ochre. In the meantime the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) peeped us. When he saw the red ochre, he returned. When Zaynab saw this, she realised that the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) disapproved of what she had done. She then took and washed her clothes and concealed all redness. The Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) then returned and peeped, and when he did not see anything, he entered.

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