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Daily Ayat and Hadith - Sun Jan 19, 2020

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Ayat from Surah An-Naml (54)

Surah An-Naml, Ayat 54
And (We sent) Lut, when he said to his people: What! do you commit indecency while you see?
اور لوط کو (یاد کرو) جب انہوں نے اپنی قوم سے کہا کہ تم بےحیائی (کے کام) کیوں کرتے ہو اور تم دیکھتے ہو
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Author : Abu Dawood
Translation : Prof. Ahmad Hasan

Narrated Salim ibn Ubayd:

Hilal ibn Yasar said: We were with Salim ibn Ubayd when a man from among the people sneezed and said: Peace be upon you.

Salim said: And upon you and your mother. Later he said: Perhaps you found something (annoying) in what I said to you.

He said: I wished you would not mention my mother with good or evil. He said: I have just said to you what the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) said. We were in the presence of the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) when a man from among the people sneezed, saying: Peace be upon you!

The Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) said: And upon you and your mother. He then said: When one of you sneezes, he should praise Allah. He further mentioned some attributes (of Allah), saying: The one who is with him should say to him: Allah have mercy on you, and he should reply to them: Allah forgive us and you.

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