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Asked by Faizan Khan 5 months ago
Asked by Reshma Ali 5 months ago
Asked by Mansoor Ahmed 5 months ago
BABY GIRL NAME Approval Pending
Asked by mohammed nabil 6 months ago
Asked by Syed ShAhrukh 6 months ago
diaseasApproval Pending
Asked by Loving Angel 6 months ago
Asked by Sohail Nawaz 6 months ago
zakaatApproval Pending
Asked by Nvid Malik 7 months ago
namazApproval Pending
Asked by Shahid Noor 7 months ago
Asked by Yasir Nazir 7 months ago
pardahApproval Pending
Asked by Annie Anum 7 months ago
approvalApproval Pending
Asked by شراز حسني 7 months ago
Asked by Nadeem Aslam 7 months ago
husband beating wifeApproval Pending
Asked by Afra Sultana 7 months ago
Asked by Fatima Mohammad 7 months ago
Hamal k bare meinApproval Pending
Asked by Anjum Chaus 8 months ago
Asked by Farhan Ahmed 8 months ago
Halaal JobApproval Pending
Asked by Salim Ali 8 months ago
MarriageApproval Pending
Asked by Maidah Ahmed 8 months ago
Haq maharApproval Pending
Asked by mohammad Bilal Butt 9 months ago
Name selectionApproval Pending
Asked by Shaheen Vakil 9 months ago
Asked by amir sultan 9 months ago
Asked by mohammed shahil 9 months ago
mansturbationApproval Pending
Asked by ahmed salman 9 months ago
Asked by Jasim Khan 9 months ago
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