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Manumission of Slaves

Sahih Bukhari

by Imam Bukhari, translation by M. Muhsin Khan
709. Narrated Qais
When Abu Huraira accompanied by his slave came intending to embrace Islam, they lost each other on the way. (When the slave showed up) Abu Huraira said (to the Prophet), "I make you witness that the slave is free for Allah's Cause."
710. Narrated `Aisha
`Utba bin Abi Waqqas authorized his brother Sa`d bin Abi Waqqas to take the son of the slave-girl of Zam`a into his custody, telling him that the boy was his own (illegal) son. When Allah's Apostle went (to Mecca) at the time of the Conquest, Sa`d took the son of the slave-girl of Zam`a to Allah's Apostle and also brought 'Abu bin Zam`a with him and said, "O Allah's Apostle! This is the son of my brother `Utba who authorized me to take him into my custody." 'Abu bin Zam`a said, "O Allah's Apostle! He is my brother, the son of Zam`a's slave-girl and he was born on his bed." Allah's Apostle looked at the son of the slave-girl of Zam`a and noticed much resemblance (to `Utba). Allah's Apostle said, "It is for you, O 'Abu bin Zam`a as he was born on the bed of your father." Allah's Apostle then told Sauda bint Zam`a to observe veil in the presence of the boy as he noticed the boy's resemblance to `Utba and Sauda was the wife of the Prophet .
711. Narrated Jabir bin `Abdullah
A man amongst us declared that his slave would be freed after his death. The Prophet called for that slave and sold him. The slave died the same year.
712. Narrated Ibn `Umar
Allah's Apostle forbade the selling or donating the Wala' of a freed slave.
713. Narrated `Aisha
I bought Buraira but her masters put the condition that her Wala' would be for them. I told the Prophet about it. He said (to me), "Manumit her as her Wala' will be for the one who pays the price." So, I manumitted her. The Prophet called Buraira and gave her the option of either staying with her husband or leaving him. She said, "Even if he gave me so much money, I would not stay with him," and so she preferred her freedom to her husband.
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Manumission of Slaves
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