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Surah Adh-Dhuha

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Maududi's Commentry (Tafseer) on Surah Adh-Dhuha

Mecca Mecca (11)
11Total Ayat: 11
1Total Ruku: 1


The Surah takes its name Ad-Duha from the very first word.

Period of Revelation

Its subject matter clearly indicates that it belongs to the earliestperiod at Makkah. Traditions also show that the revelations weresuspended for a time, which caused the Holy Prophet (upon whom beAllah's peace) to be deeply distressed and grieved. On this account hefelt very anxious that perhaps he had committed some error because ofwhich his Lord had become angry with him and had forsaken him.Thereupon he was given the consolation that revelation had not beenstopped because of some displeasure but this was necessitated by thesame expediency as underlies the peace and stillness of the nightafter the bright day, as if to say: "If you had continuously beenexposed to the intensely bright light of Revelation (Wahi) your nervescould not have endured it. Therefore, an interval was given in orderto afford you peace and tranquillity." This state was experienced bythe Holy Prophet in the initial stage of the Prophethood when he wasnot yet accustomed to hear the intensity of Revelation. On this basis,observance of a pause in between was necessary. This we have alreadyexplained in the introduction to Surah Al Muddaththir; and in E. N. 5 ofSurah Al-Muzzammil also we have explained what great burden of thecoming down of Revelation he had to bear. Later, when the Holy Prophetdeveloped the power to bear this burden, there was no longer any needfor long gaps.

Theme and Subject Matter

Its theme is to console theHoly Prophet (upon whom be peace) and its object to remove his anxietyand distress, which he had been caused by the suspension of Revelation.First of all, swearing an oath by the bright morning and the stillnessof night, he has been reassured, so as to say: "Your Lord has not atall forsaken you, nor is he displeased with you." Then, he has beengiven the good news that the hardships that he was experiencing in theinitial stage of his mission, would not last long, for every laterperiod of life for him would be better than the former period, andbefore long Allah would bless him so abundantly that he would be wellpleased. This is one of the express prophecies of the Quran, whichproved literally true, afterwards, whereas when this prophecy was madethere seemed not to be the remotest chance that the helpless andpowerless man who had come out to wage a war against the ignorance andpaganism of the entire nation, would ever achieve such wonderfulsuccess.

Then, addressing His Holy Prophet (upon whom be peace) Allahsays:"O My dear Prophet, what has caused you the anxiety and distressthat your Lord has forsaken you, and that We are displeased with you?Whereas the fact is that We have been good to you with kindness afterkindness ever since the day of your birth. You were born an orphan, Wemade the best arrangement for your upbringing and care: you wereunaware of the Way, We showed you the Way; you were indigent, We madeyou rich. All this shows that you have been favored by Us from thevery beginning and Our grace and bounty has been constantly focussedon you."Here, one should also keep in view vv. 37-42 of Surah Ta Ha,where Allah, while sending the Prophet Moses to confront a tyrant likePharaoh, encouraged and consoled him, saying: "We have been lookingafter you with kindness ever since your birth; therefore, you shouldbe satisfied that you will not be left alone in this dreadful mission.Our bounty will constantly be with you."

In conclusion, Allah hasinstructed His Prophet (upon whom be peace) telling him how he shouldtreat the creatures of God to repay for the favors He has done himand how he should render thanks for the blessings He has bestowed onhim.

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