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Surah Al-Baiyina

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Maududi's Commentry (Tafseer) on Surah Al-Baiyina

Madina Madina (100)
8Total Ayat: 8
1Total Ruku: 1


The Surah is so designated after the word al-bayyinah occurring at theend of the first verse.

Period of Revelation

Where it was revealed, at Makkah or Madinah, is also disputed. Somecommentators say it is a Makki revelation according to most scholars;others say it is a Madani revelation according to most scholars. IbnAz Zubair and Ata bin Yasar hold the view that it is Madani. Ibn Abbasand Qatadah are reported to have held two views, first that it isMakki, second that it is Madani. Hadrat Aishah regards it as a MakkiSurah. Abu Hayyan, author of Bahr al-Muhit, and Abdul Munim ibn al-Faras, author of Ahkam al-Quran, also have preferred to regard it asMakki. As for its contents, there is nothing in it to indicate whetherit was revealed at Makkah or at Madinah.

Theme and Subject Matter

Its having been placed after Surahs Al-Alaq and Al-Qadr in thearrangement of the Quran is very meaningful. Surah Al-Alaq contains thevery first revelation, while Surah Al-Qadr shows as to when it wasrevealed, and in this Surah it has been explained why it was necessaryto send a Messenger along with this Holy Book.

First of all the needof sending a Messenger has been explained, saying: The people of theworld, be they from among the followers of the earlier scriptures orfrom among the idolaters, could not possibly be freed from their stateof unbelief, until a Messenger was sent whose appearance by itselfshould be a clear proof of his apostleship, and he should present theBook of God before the people in its original, pristine form, whichshould be free from every mixture of falsehood corrupting the earlierDivine Books; and which should comprise sound teachings.

Then, aboutthe errors of the followers of the earlier Books it has been said thatthe cause of their straying into different creeds was not that Allahhad not provided any guidance to them, but they strayed only after aclear statement of the Right Creed had come to them. From this itautomatically follows that they themselves were responsible for theirerror and deviation. Now, if even after the coming of the clearstatement through this Messenger, they continued to stray, theirresponsibility would further increase.

In this very connection, it hasbeen stated that the Prophets who came from Allah and the, Books sentdown by Him, did not enjoin anything but that the way of sincere andtrue service to Allah be adopted, apart from all other ways, no oneelse's worship, service or obedience be mixed with His, the salat beestablished and the zakat be paid. This same has been the true religionsince ever. From this also it automatically follows that the followersof the earlier scriptures, straying from this true religion, haveadded extraneous things to it, which are false, and Allah's thisMessenger has come to invite them back to, the same original faith.

Inconclusion, it has been pointed out clearly that the followers of theearlier Books and the idolaters who would refuse to acknowledge thisMessenger are the worst of creatures: their punishment is aneverlasting Hell; and the people who would believe and act righteously,and would spend life in the world in awe of God, are the best ofcreatures: their reward is eternal Paradise wherein they will live forever. Allah became well pleased with them and they became well pleasedwith Allah.

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