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Surah Al-Ma'arij

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Maududi's Commentry (Tafseer) on Surah Al-Ma'arij

Mecca Mecca (79)
44Total Ayat: 44
2Total Ruku: 2


The Surah takes its name from the word dhil Ma'arij in verse 3.

Period of Revelation

The subject matter bears evidence that this Surah too was sent down inconditions closely resembling those under which Surah Al Haaqqah was sentdown.

Theme and Subject Matter

It admonishes and gives warning to the disbelievers who made fun ofthe news about Resurrection and the Hereafter, and Hell and Heaven,and challenged the Holy Prophet (upon whom be peace) to causeResurrection with which he threatened them to take place if what hesaid was true and they had become worthy of the punishment in Hell bydenying it. The whole Surah is meant to answer this denial.

The Surahopens with words to the effect:"A demander has demanded a torment, thetorment which must befall the deniers; and when it takes place, therewill be none to prevent it, but it will take place at its ownappointed time. Allah has His own way of doing things, but He is notunjust. Therefore, have patience, O Prophet, at what they say. Theythink it is far off, but We see it as near at hand."

Then it issaid:"Resurrection, which they desire to be hastened out of jest andfun, is terrible, and when it comes, it will cause great distress tothe culprits. At that time they will even be prepared to give awaytheir wives and children and their nearest kinsfolk in ransom toescape the punishment, but they will not be able to escape it.

Thenthe people have been warned to the effect; "On that Day the destiniesof men will be decided strictly on the basis of their belief and theirconduct. Those who turn away from the Truth in the world and amasswealth and withhold it from the needy, will be doomed to Hell; andthose who fear the punishment of God here, believe in the Hereafter,keep up the Prayer, discharge the rights of the needy out of theirwealth, strictly avoid immoral and wicked deeds, practise honesty inall their dealings, fulfill their pledges and trust and bear truewitness, will have a place of honor in Paradise"

In conclusion, thedisbelievers of Makkah who rushed in upon the Holy Prophet (upon whombe peace) from every side as soon as they saw him, in order to makefun of him, have been warned to the effect: "If you do not believe,Allah will replace you by other people who will be better than you",and the Holy Prophet (upon whom be peace) has been consoled, so as tosay: "Do not take to heart their mockery and jesting; leave them toindulge in their idle talk and foolish conduct if they are bent uponexperiencing the disgrace and humiliation of the Resurrection; theywill themselves see their evil end."'

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