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Surah Al-Maida

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E.H. Palmer Explanation (Tafseer)

Madina Madina (112)
120Total Ayat: 120
16Total Ruku: 16

Ayat [1-5] IN the name of the merciful and compassionate God.

Ayat [6-10] To-day is perfected for you your religion, and fulfilled upon you is my favour, and I am pleased for you to have Islâm for a religion. But he who is forced by hunger, not inclined wilfully to sin, verily, God is forgiving, compassionate.

Ayat [11-15] Remember the favour of God to you and His covenant which He covenanted with you, when ye said, 'We hear and we obey 1;' and fear God, verily, God knows the nature of men's breasts.

Ayat [16-20] God did take a compact from the children of Israel, and raised up of them twelve wardens; and God said, 'Verily, I am with you, if ye be steadfast in prayer, and give alms, and believe in my apostles, and assist them, and lend to God a goodly loan; then will I cover your offences and make you enter gardens beneath which rivers flow: and whoso disbelieves after that, he hath erred from the level way.'

Ayat [21-25] God's is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and what is between the two; He createth what He will, for God is mighty over all!

Ayat [26-30] They said, 'O Moses! verily, therein is a people, giants; and we will surely not enter therein

Ayat [31-35] Recite to them the story of the two sons of Adam; truly when they offered an offering and it was accepted from one of them, and was not accepted from the other, that one said, 'I will surely kill thee;' he said, 'God only accepts from those who fear. If thou dost stretch forth to me thine hand to kill me, I will not stretch forth mine hand to kill thee; verily, I fear God the Lord of the worlds; verily, I wish that thou mayest draw upon thee my sin and thy sin, and be of the fellows of the Fire, for that is the reward of the unjust.' But his soul allowed him to slay his brother, and he slew him, and in the morning he was of those who lose. And God sent a crow to scratch in the earth and show him how he might hide his brother's shame, he said, 'Alas, for me! Am I too helpless to become like this crow and hide my brother's shame?' and in the morning he was of those who did repent.

Ayat [36-40] For this cause have we prescribed to the children of Israel that whoso kills a soul, unless it

Ayat [41-45] Verily, those who disbelieve, even though they had what is in the earth, all of it, and the like thereof with it, to offer as a ransom from the punishment of the resurrection day, it would not be accepted from them; but for them is grievous woe. They may wish to go forth from the Fire, but they shall not go forth therefrom, for them is lasting woe.

Ayat [46-50] O thou Apostle! let not those grieve thee who vie in misbelief; or those who say with their mouths 'We believe,' but their hearts do not believe; or of those who are Jews, listeners to a lie,--listeners to other people, but who come not to thee. They pervert the words from their places and say, 'If this is what ye are given, take it; but if ye are not given it, then beware!' but he whom God wishes to mislead, thou canst do nothing with God for him; these are those whose hearts God wishes not to purify, for them in this world is disgrace, and for them in the next is mighty woe,--listeners to a lie, eaters of unlawful things!

Ayat [51-55] And we followed up the footsteps of these (prophets) with Jesus the son of Mary, confirming that which was before him and the law, and we brought him the gospel, wherein is guidance and light, verifying what was before it of the law, and a guidance and an admonition unto those who fear.

Ayat [56-60] Is it the judgment of the Ignorance they

Ayat [61-65] God only is your patron, and His Apostle and those who believe, who are steadfast in prayer and give alms, bowing down. Whoso taketh as patrons God and His apostles and those who believe;--verily, God's crew, they are victorious!

Ayat [66-70] Say, 'Can I declare unto you something worse than retribution from God?' Whomsoever God has cursed and been wroth with--and he has made of them apes and swine--and who worship Tâghût, they are in a worse plight and are more erring from the level path. When they come to you they say, 'We believe;' but they entered in with unbelief, and they went out therewith, and God knows best what they did hide.

Ayat [71-75] But did the people of the Book believe and fear, we would cover their offences, and we would make them enter into gardens of pleasure; and were they steadfast in the law and the gospel, and what has been sent down to them from their Lord, they should eat from above them and below them. Amongst them are a nation who are moderate, but many of them--bad is what they do.

Ayat [76-80] And they reckoned that there would be no disturbance; but they were blind and deaf! and then

Ayat [81-85] Say, 'Will ye serve, other than God, what can neither hurt you nor profit you?' but God, He both hears and knows.

Ayat [86-90] Thou wilt surely find that the strongest in enmity against those who believe are the Jews and the idolaters; and thou wilt find the nearest in love to those who believe to be those who say, 'We are Christians;' that is because there are amongst them priests and monks, and because they are not proud.

Ayat [91-95] But eat of what God has provided you lawfully of good things; and fear God, in whom ye believe.

Ayat [96-100] O ye who believe! God will try you with something of the game that your hands and your lances take, that God may know who fears Him in secret; and whoso transgresses after that, for him is grievous woe.

Ayat [101-105] Say, 'The vile shall not be deemed equal with the good, although the abundance of the vile please thee.' Fear God then, O ye who have minds! haply ye may prosper.

Ayat [106-110] O ye who believe! let there be a testimony between you when any one of you is on the point of death--at the time he makes his will--two equitable persons from amongst you; or two others from some other folk, if ye be knocking about in the land, and the calamity of death befall you; ye shall shut them both up after prayer, and they shall both swear by

Ayat [111-115] And when I taught thee the Book and wisdom and the law and the gospel; when thou didst create of clay, as it were, the likeness of a bird, by my power, and didst blow thereon, it became a bird; and thou didst heal the blind from birth, and the leprous by my permission; and when thou didst bring forth the dead by my permission; and when I did ward off the children of Israel from thee, when thou didst come to them with manifest signs, and those who

Ayat [116-120] God said, Verily, I am about to send it down to you; but whoso disbelieves amongst you after that, verily, I will torment him with the torment which I have not tormented any one with in all the worlds.'

Ayat [121-125] God's is the kingdom of the heavens, and the earth, and all that is therein, and He is mighty over all.
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