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  • 60:38 Surah An-Nisa' by al- quran
  • 54:40 Surah Al-Imran by al- quran
  • 111:44 Surah Al-Baqarah by al- quran
  • 0:43 Surah AL-Fatiha by al- quran
  • 28:48 Surah Yunus by Admin (Alim)
  • 0:43 Surah AL-Fatiha by Admin (Alim)
  • 2:39 Belongings Of The Prophet (SAW) by Admin (Alim)
  • 3:36 Belongings of Muhammad P.B.U.H by Admin (Alim)
  • 9:16 Surah Mulk by Admin (Alim)
  • 3:20 99 names of Allah (NEW!) by Admin (Alim)

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